UPS Worker Fired For Not Delivering The Ganja!!!

Sometimes a boss’ orders can be a little too by-the-book, as a UPS driver who was fired for not delivering a package of marijuana found out this summer.

Former United Parcel Service driver Steven Mojica is suing the delivery company after he claims he was fired for not delivering a suspicious package that turned out to be marijuana, according to a Detroit Newsstory.

Mojica claims that a supervisor told him “he should have delivered the package, even if it contained illicit drugs.”

Mojica, 41, had a next-day package from Cali on July 29 to deliver in Pontiac, Mich. He held on to the four-pound package, which his supervisors considered theft and reported it to the DEA for suspected drug dealing, and fired him, according to his attorney, Mark Porter.

“It’s nice to know UPS can guarantee delivery to drug dealers and fire employees that refuse to deliver their drugs,” Porter told the Detroit News.

A UPS driver for 17 years, Mojica was worried he was in harm’s way so he returned the package to his truck, according to the suit.

After being told by a supervisor to deliver it, even if it was illegal drugs, Mojica opened it and found what he thought was marijuana.

UPS had no comment to the Detroit News on the firing or lawsuit, but said that drivers can contact their local operations office if they are suspicious of the contents of packages they’re delivering.


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7 responses to “UPS Worker Fired For Not Delivering The Ganja!!!

  1. myballssay


  2. ILOVEMONEY!!!!!


  3. a bomb is a bomb is a bomb.
    looks like ups does’t care,as long as they profit.
    you should be a vigilant citizen.
    good luck with your suit & your grievance.
    tommy local 104

    • Go Navy - BillC

      The Driver failed to do two things. He should have followed up the center manager , or Loss Prevention, after the supervisor failed to recognize the issue.
      Second failure point. A driver NEVER should open a package without a Supervisorr/manager/Loss Prevention being present. He opened the package…thus causing the case against the sendor and the receiving the package.
      And finally, he could have contacted the police and requested a drug search dog prior to opening the package. Driver was wrong…opening the package to inspect it…Wrong and is noted in the company guidelines.

  4. soco

    sell da weed!!!!!!!!!!

  5. nutfromnam

    He did the right thing as if the UPS is in thejopb of funishing illeagle drugs
    that also means that UPS is working for the drug cartel by demadining they deliver all packages no matter what will they also deliver Bombs nuc devises ect give the guy his job back

  6. james irvine

    it matters what state the driver was delivering it in. any way that amount is illegal. i got a feeling some ups management is going to jail after this suit is won. good luck ups u should not party politics before the legal operations of your company.

    p.s. i voted in mass. for legalizing pot.

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