Fabolous, Just Blaze, Lil Cease & Dj Envy Reacts To Beanie Sigel’s Jay-Z Diss


Fabolous, Just Blaze, Lil Cease and ENVY  have shared their mixed reactions to Beanie Sigel‘s unexpected “Average Cat” diss record which is directed at Jay-Z.

“I jus heard a JayZ diss record by Beanie Siegel..,” Fab wrote Friday (October 30). “That’s ill to me.. And the record is hard! Never thought i would hear a JayZ diss song by Beanie Siegel….WOW..jus wow.. (Affion Crockett chris brown on larry king impression voice) To me its disappointing, i hate 2 c family fight.. But i dont know either side of the story.. So im neutral & enjoyin the music, as u should i made JayZ & Beanie Siegel a trending topic not even tryin to.. SMH…lol..i hate hip hop family splits & beef’s… the Cam vs. Jim & Juelz, the Cash Money vs. Juve, B.G. & Turk.. Dr. Dre vs. Snoop… all bad.” (Fabolous’ Twitter)

“first the fat boys break up.. cant believe what i’m listening to. i cant deal with this…gonna skip town for a minute.” (Just Blaze’s Twitter)

“i just heard that beanie joint dissin jay z just now..all i can say is damn!! i really dont kno wat 2 say about that..smh..its #hardbody tho that sh*t just thru my whole flow off..lol..4real..jay is the homie,but that record is crazy tho..i cant front!!! n*gga gotta get off his chest i aint mad at him…a n*gga got a right to his opinion..its a tuff joint..im still playin this sh*t…lol..i hate hearin sh*t like that tho..them n*ggas was tight!! but hey,sh*t happens some times.its about music wit me,i cool wit both,hard record.” (Lil Cease’s Twitter)

“D*mn 2 hear that jz n beans beef…really upsets me..money always destroys friendships…do yall still have da same friends from childhood When u are makin money, your freinds motives usally change…Nah no friends from childhood, when people start counting ur money, ur cars ur stuff bestfriends become strangers…So learned 2 move dolo When every1 is making money…u buy and investing in houses…and they are buying sneakers and cars…4yrs later they are broke and upset and the reason I know so well because this happen 2 me so many time…” (DJ Envy’s Twitter)


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2 responses to “Fabolous, Just Blaze, Lil Cease & Dj Envy Reacts To Beanie Sigel’s Jay-Z Diss

  1. ILOVEMONEY!!!!!


  2. myballssay


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