Top 8 Cities w/ The Ugliest Guys

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? We couldn’t agree more. Brains, muscles, teeth, fat and lungs — they’re all on the inside of the men in these cities. We studied everything from education stats and contraceptive and erotica sales (no sex generally equals less hot guys), to the number of gyms and the population’s health, exercise habits, obesity and smoking rates in every city in the U.S. to find out where the fugly dudes are. Find out if the men in your city are … not very pretty.

No. 8: Houston, Texas
Houstonians ranked no. 8 in worst teeth, and more than 15 percent of men 25 and up have less than a 9th grade education. This booming metropolis also has a problem with body odor, according to our research. About one-quarter of the population is considered sedentary, and Houston has a higher than average obesity rate. Is it something in the water?

No. 7: Philadelphia, Pa.
The City of Brotherly Love doesn’t love its brothers so much — “Travel + Leisure” magazine’s survey of tourists and locals for America’s Favorite Cities put it dead-last in the “Attractive People” category. Men’s Health ranked it no. 2 in worst teeth. The relatively high number of obese citizens doesn’t help matters either.

No. 6: Detroit, Mich.
“Rock City” definitely does not refer to the abs in this Midwestern city — Detroit has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. A low percentage of men with bachelor’s degrees and a low high school graduation rate put these guys high on the dull scale, too.

No. 5: Mobile, Ala. and Huntington, W.Va. (tie)
The men of Mobile and Huntington have it all — terrible teeth, according to this worst-teeth cities list, a high rate of unhealthy, inactive and obese men and a paltry number of gyms.

No. 4: Greensboro, N.C.
There’s not a whole lotta lovin’ going on in Greensboro, according to’s survey of sexually active cities. Bad teeth and a one of the highest rates of obesity in the country might have something to do with it.

No. 3: Miami, Fla.
You’re thinking, ‘Seriously? Miami?’ And we’re saying: yup. If for no other reason than a whopping 21 percent of men 25 and up didn’t make it past 9th grade, the highest rate in the cities we studied. Oh, and did we mention gnarly teeth? And believe it or not, more than 27 percent of Miamians don’t exercise regularly. Sure, they’re not the fattest or unhealthiest in the country, but given the year-round gorgeous weather and huge number of gyms, you’d think these guys would be a little less … lazy.

No. 2: Hagerstown, Md.
Less than 10 percent of the men in Hub City hold a bachelor’s degree. They’re not spending their spare time in gyms, either — nearly 30 percent don’t exercise regularly, 30 percent are obese, and an off-the-charts number of Hagerstownians smoke, compared to the rest of the country.

No. 1: El Paso, Texas
We’re not looking for Stephen Hawking level brain-age — just a good, solid education. But nearly 15 percent of the dudes in this Lone Star city have less than a 9th grade education. The city also suffers from a notably high rate of obesity, 32 percent are in below average health and 30 percent do not exercise regularly, which is probably why there are so few gyms in town. There is such a thing as too much Tex-Mex.

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  1. ILOVEMONEY!!!!!


  2. Ricardo

    Women beware

  3. Tamala

    I am a huge fan of this blog even more so now thanks on the tips of where not to live. I don’t want an ugly duckie

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