Kelly Rowland Is Back: New Label & New Album


Ms. Kelly Rowland is back at it again, after a very busy year from sustaining her hit song, “When Love Takes Over,” (feat. David Guetta), hosting BRAVO’s “The Fashion Show,” and touring over the U.K. (Whooh, where does she find all the time?) So Ms. Rowland is no stranger to hard work in this entertainment industry.

After recently parting ways with Columbia Records and her then manager Mathew Knowles, Kelly is now finalizing details of having a new home at EMI with other familiar artists such as Letoya Luckett, David Guetta, and Snoop Dogg to name a few. Well known songwriter Rico Love spoke about working on Kelly’s third solo studio album stating he has already penned three songs for the debut.

“I’m actually going to be doing the majority of her record,” reveals the songwriter behind Beyonce’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ and Mario’s ‘Thinkin’ About You.’ “I did three records for her album so far and she’s touring right now.”

She will finish wrapping up the album around the holiday season of Christmas. In meantime, you can find Ms. Rowland in 50 Cent’s new video “Baby by Me” as his love interest.


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8 responses to “Kelly Rowland Is Back: New Label & New Album

  1. ILOVEMONEY!!!!!


  2. lynne

    i love kelly she really nice but i feel pity for her cause her cousin beyonce have too much succes but she hasn,t beyonce,s father is a killer he paid a man too much money to kill aaliyah in 2001so that her daugher succed matthew knoles and tina knoles are murderer they killed aaliyah micheal jackson left eyes

  3. i love kelly very coz she makes me love her songs and she’s blackbeautiful as an african

  4. kelly is simply awesome. I love her!

  5. Kelly…wht an attractive black woman!

  6. ZALO

    The woman of my dreams, Kelly Rowland is beautiful period. her voice is Wow!!!! She is what I call a Total Package.

    Love you Kelly..!!!!

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