Eye Candy Model: ‘Amazin Amie’


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8 responses to “Eye Candy Model: ‘Amazin Amie’

  1. Melemel516

    Newport Va is where I currently reside n I don’t see whites that have a shot glass looking like that. Lish I agree FAKE :0

  2. cimone

    Well I’ve seen her up and close and I’m not buying into the butt scheme she is faker then this ponytail piece I’m sporting lmao 🙂

  3. Nihki

    no comment LOL

  4. Nihki

    Okay I changed my mind… She is very attractive and hell is you can’t achieve just BUY IT! LOL

  5. Melemel516

    Wrong again

  6. tavoris

    I grew up wit Amie…that ass has been like that since she was 11. So, unless she got butt implants with the aspirations of being a video vixen BEFORE video vixens existed, then it’s 100% real.

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