Hip-Hop Summit Action Network In Houston, TX.


On Saturday Oct. 17th the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network touched down in Houston, TX. Russell Simmons and Dr. Benjamin Chavis teamed up with Wal-Mart and brought out Terrance Howard, Slim Thug , Alicia Renee, and more to address Financial Empowerment in the community.

The Houston “Get Your Money Right” Hip-Hop Summit offered valuable and timely financial information from financial experts, celebrities and community leaders. This free, unique event provided attendees the opportunity to receive invaluable tools for weathering the current economy. All attendees received a workbook to help guide them in managing their finances.


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2 responses to “Hip-Hop Summit Action Network In Houston, TX.

  1. Nihki

    Okay can someone help me understand what this summit was about again..smh,LOL!

  2. ILOVEMONEY!!!!!


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