My homeboy hit me up and let me know something about the Dub car show down in Miami. I heard Nick Cannon saw my homey, who was there with a very beautiful girl, and my homey gave Nick props (for all that he’s done in life). And, Nick looked at his girl and said, “No, man…props to YOU.” HAHA! Nick’s not blind! Anyway, that’s not even the rumor. I heard that Nick and Rick Ross linked up. I heard there was quite a bit of guffawing about Eminem, since Nick doesn’t care for Em and Ross tried to battle him. I heard there were some competitors of Ross there, but no drama popped off. Nick and Ross reportedly swapped numbers so maybe they do some work together.


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2 responses to “RICK ROSS AND NICK CANNON?

  1. Allison

    These guys have to be bored Nick cannon is so dumb and rick ross is even dummer this will be hilarious if dumb and dummer calaborate


    This guy looks like a an oversized penis who the hell gave him his come-up

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